West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio

New Location  3166 Robinson road 

Valerie Hyldig - Owner and Holistic Esthetician 

It's Valerie's pleasure to welcome you to her Holistic Esthetics Studio. Being an Aveda trained & certified Esthetician, as well as a healing practitioner who has studied, Advanced Pranic healing, Master Reiki, Quantum touch, Indian Head Massage and Craniosacral therapy, Valerie has something very special to offer you. She has been licensed by the British Columbia Cosmetology Association for over 16 years and also studied massage therapy for two years at the renowned, West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, B.C. She continually pursues professional development through classes and training. 

Valerie understands that when the body is balanced, we experience a natural state of joy and ease.

She promises to provide you with a safe environment where you will be surrounded

with positive energy and care.

Meet the Tribe

Susan Cannon - Certified Esthetician 

Susan has dedicated her path to healing since she began to wake up to holistic living in her early 20’s. Having studied Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Esthetics, she is proud to offer her healing services to other’s through her career path of being a Certified Esthetician. Her specializations are in holistic facials and intuitive massage.

By incorporating the elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air into her treatments, Susan aligns clients to their spirit within. Her offerings are for those who busy themselves in life, with work and families and need a few moments to get away and return to stillness. It is with her continuous desire to help others and the planet heal that she welcomes you into her practice. Her intention always is to utilize sacred space to return to balance through touch, connection, and embracing your divine beauty within and without!

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Teresa Hashka -- Certified Theta Practitioner

Teresa is pleased to join West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio and offer you the transformational power of Theta Healing. When Teresa first discovered this type of work, she knew that she had found her life purpose. While embracing the immediate shifts that occurred in her life because of Theta Healing, she went on to become a Certified Theta Practitioner, specializing in Advanced DNA, You and Your Inner Circle, Animal Seminar, You and Source, Intuitive Anatomy, Disease and Disorder and DNA3.

If you are feeling lost, disconnected from source or looking for your purpose this may be a great healing to explore. It has the potential to create movement, clarity and vibrational shifts in clients who receive it.

Teresa promises to provide you with a safe, nurturing, environment. Where you will feel heard and can speak your truth.

250-858-1451 for Inquiry 

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Benula Bunjun – Clinical Aromatherapist 

Benula is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. Her career started in 2015, after health issues came in the way of her every day life. She turned to essential oils for a miracle, and experienced their benefits first hand. Curious and fascinated by the healing powers of nature’s gift, Benula sees essential oils as our first line of defense, and is here to teach us how to use them safely, as they empower us towards a wellness journey.

Benula shares her knowledge with clients by creating custom portfolios for their needs. Her practice is founded on the idea that each case is unique, and should be treated as such. To all her clients, she promotes well-being within the delicate balance of the body, the mind and the soul. Whatever your situation may be, Benula is honoured to have the opportunity to show her clients how essential oils can have a beneficial impact on their daily life. 

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'Val is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend her services. The atmosphere and her work creates a gentle healing place to relax completely.'

 ~ Patricia