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Life Coaching

I'm curious, do you want to:

- align your energy to attract greatness into your life

- feel more confident & trust your decisions

- live and experience more fully

- love and accept yourself more deeply

- feel more joy & purpose

- find your way forward

- stop getting in your own way & shine your light

- build new healthier patterns & beliefs

- have more harmony in your relationships & better boundaries

- love your work and life

- follow & make your dreams a reality 

Meet Loretta Langille, BHSc, CEC, ACC

an ICF-Certified Coach & Intuitive Wellness Practitioner

Loretta Langille, BHSc, CEC, ACC

ICF-Certified Coach & Intuitive Wellness Practitioner

Over the years, Loretta has utilized many tools to help her stay connected to a deeper part of herself and let it navigate her life. Professional Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Sound Healing, Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT™, Usui Reiki are some methods she provides others with that same sense of centeredness.

For Loretta, it is such an honour to support her clients to be more connected to what matters most to them. Watching them reclaim their energy and attract what they want into their lives brings her so much joy. 

Over time, her clients become so deeply centered in who they are that their confidence soars, and they find themselves living in ways better than they had imagined. She is so grateful that she gets to live her purpose through this amazing work.

You can thrive doing what you love and living with greater sense of purpose. Loretta can support you in healing yourself and shining your light bright. The world needs your personal magic!

Book Your Free Life Coaching Consultation Now

Life Coaching Consultation

30 minutes: Free

Loretta invites you to meet with her to share what your heart desires for your life and ask her any questions you might have. 

A free consultation with Loretta is a great way to get acquainted.

Life Coaching Session

60 minutes: $150

Most of Loretta’s clients choose packages to reach their goals, which offers some discount and most importantly accountability and ongoing support on your personal growth journey. 

However, for those who prefer to book a la carte sessions, this option is here.

Explore Yourself Starter Coaching Package

Two Sessions: $299

Two sessions are included in this starter package for new clients.

You will do a deep dive into your personal values, goals and heart desires during the first 90 minute session with Loretta.

Followed by a 60 minute pure coaching session to start moving forward on your dreams. 

Dream Coaching

60 minutes: $135

Ever wonder what your dreams might be trying to communicate with you?

Dreams can provide a deeper insight into where your soul is pointing you to grow. Dream coaching uses an interactive intuitive process to explore with you and decipher the messages and guidance your soul is reflecting to you. 

This process does not TELL you what your dream means, RATHER it EXPLORES with you as we work through the signs, symbols, and hints in your dream(s) to support you in your waking life.

PLEASE NOTE: PTSD Nightmares are not within this scope. Please reach out to your mental health professional if you are suffering. 

3-12 Month Life Coaching Packages

Price Varies on Duration

Loretta’s clients who have chosen monthly packages have had incredible results! 

They know that real change takes time, accountability and support which is why Loretta offers her extended support. 

3-12 months packages are available and range from $849-$2999+tax depending on the duration chosen.

All packages include one-on-one coaching, between session support, and in-session energy techniques as needed. 

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