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West Coast Pedicure

75 minutes: $68

Starting with a foot soak in a massaging pedicure chair, gentle exfoliation, cuticle minimizing, callus removal, nail shaping & trim, hydrating masque, hot towel treatment, healing massage, Oracle cards, finished off with polish of your choice.

Island Girl Pedicure

35 minutes: $52

A great way to achieve sexy toes for the island girl. Includes foot soak, cuticle minimizing, nail shaping, foot massage, followed by polish of your choice to get you back out to our beautiful world!

Princess Pedicure

30 minutes: $36

For our little princesses so they can be like the big girls.

Men's Pedicure

45 minutes: $60

It is OK to put your feet up, many men secretly enjoy treating themselves to a pedicure. Includes foot soak, cuticles, nail shaping, callus removal, hot towels, and foot massage. 

Add Ons:

Add Hot Stones: $7

Add Nail Art: $7

Add Gel Polish: $15

Toe Nail Trim & File: $32

Gel Removal: $5


Healing Holistic Facial

90 minutes: $145

Indulge in a head to toe experience- blending a beautiful facial with a healing body treatment incorporating all of your senses.

You will be welcomed by a heated spa bed, warm towels, and an oracle card. 

Opening your holistic experience with aromatherapy, hand and arm crystal massage, warm stones facial massage, and intuitive healing while your skin is nourished, cleansed, gently exfoliated, steamed, and treated with organic products.

Mama Gaia Facial

60 minutes: $145

Vitamin rich Seaweed, provides our sensitive facial skin with healing, and flourishes our epidermis with vitamin B, high in niacin providing a flush while changing the microbiome sense. 

This beautiful Organic Facial is soothing, and a hydrating treatment. 

Seaflora has combined good nutrient and microbes from the seas of Vancouver Island. Feel revitalized and healthy by the ocean in ways that might surprise you. Paraben and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates Free. B.C. Certified Organic.

Also included, Seaflora treatment products for home care.

Glow Facial 

60 minutes: $85

Sink into our deluxe heated massage table for a beautiful facial using natural earth inspired ingredients. 

Your skin will be cleansed, gently exfoliated, steamed to activate enzymes for skin regeneration, followed by a hydrating facial mask, extractions if requested.

A Little Extra Magic:

Herbal Energy Clearing with Reiki: $20

30 minute Back massage to facial:$40

15 minute Head Massage: $20

15 minute Foot Massage: $20

Indian Head Massage: $60 


Face Waxing & Tinting

Brow Shaping: $15

Upper Lip: $10

Cheeks: $8

Chin: $8

Nose: $5

Lip, Chin & Brow: $32

Face Wax: $45

Eyebrow Tint: $15

Eyelash Tint: $25

Upper Body Waxing

Hands: $5

Under Arms: $15

Shoulders: $8

Half Arm: $26

Full Arm (including hands): $37

Lower Back: $12

Lower Body Waxing

Bikini (area not covered by undies): $20

French bikini (teeny- weeny bikini): $25

Brazilian (everything goes): $42

Frequent Brazilian (within 5 weeks): $37

Between the cheeks: $15

Bum: $18

Upper Legs (starts above the knee): $32

Lower legs (just past the knee): $27

Full Leg: $61

More on Brazilians...

Healing Treatments

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $140

Hands-on healing, labeled soul work, Craniosacral therapy addresses a rhythmic system at the core of our physiology it flows between our head and pelvic area. 

Most successful and fastest growing approach to mind and body healing. It is both a medical system with precise anatomical criteria & a therapeutic art!

Benefits include alleviating chronic pain, central nervous system disorders, head and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, seizure disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic sinusitis, and more.

We are Lighht

120 minutes: $180

Blending ancient energy medicine, into soul connection and enlightenment.

Activating the Soulstar chakra, Earthstar chakra, and higher heart chakra. These are powerful energy centers located outside of the physical body. Bringing alignment to your entire chakra system. Aligning you to the earths vibration, unlocking, and balancing. While ascending you to the fifth dimension, and connecting you to your personal potential.

Encouraging commitment to your life, while you speak your truth and honour your soul‘s purpose. Extending your central channel and shifting your frequency to align with Gaia.

Your session will closed with experienced spiritual mentoring. Allowing for a beautiful transition, and to healing on many levels.

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes: $65

Indian head massage works on the physical and emotional symptoms within our bodies by easing muscle tension, releasing endorphins and bringing relaxation.

Energetically this treatment utilizes pressure points in Ayurvedic Medicine to stimulate circulation and re-balance Prana, as well as releasing blockages that cause stress, tension, and disease.

Benefits include relief from eye strain, headaches, congestion/sinus, insomnia, improved hair/scalp condition, lymphatic drainage and circulation.

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