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 Sound Therapy & Thai Massage


 Energy Assisted Treatments, Sound Therapy,  & Thai Massage

 A variety monthly gatherings are also offered, typically held on the New and/or Full Moons and Solstices. Each gathering includes Ceremonial Cacao and Sound Healing with a theme that changes each month! These are very intuitive gatherings, and the power we create when we come together ripples outwards to our community and beyond!  Intention is to ignite the life force energy within each of us, unlocking creativity, abundance and sharing our gifts with each other.

for  classes please contact  250.896.4042  for classes 

Face Waxing & Tinting

Brow Shaping ~12~

Upper Lip ~8~

Cheeks ~8~

Chin ~8~

Nose ~5~

Lip, Chin & Brow ~25~

Face wax ~35~

Eyebrow tint ~12~

Eyelash tint ~25~

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Thai Massage​

75 min ~99~

Surrender into a 75min relaxation massage using ancient energy based healing techniques. Thai massage works along the body's energy lines and involves acupressure points and reflexology.  You will be supported  into assisted yoga postures to help restore balance and flow and ignite the inner life force energy. Please expect the body to be rocked, stretched and compressed during a treatment. Please arrive in comfortable clothing! *This is a relaxation based massage, however, training is on going and will incorporate therapeutic massage in the future. If you suffer from back issues or have any current injuries, recommendation is to  see a RMT

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​Access Consciousness

60 min ~90~

During a treatment, you will receive light touch on 32 different points (bars) on the head and face to activate an electromagnetic discharge. This release allows any conditions, emotions or feelings that we have "bought" or stored as our own (when they actually don't belong to us) to dissipate. By releasing these conditions, you become fully YOU again. You will feel more aware and open, and when we are in this state of being, we can ease-fully receive more from the universe. It's when we place limiting beliefs/conditions on ourselves that we block the natural flow of abundance!

During your session you will be lying down on a heated massage fully clothed under a blanket with your head comfortably resting on a pillow.Are you ready to change your life?

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Sound Healing & Thai Massage

120min ~130~

Your personalized session will be begin with a relaxing 75 minute Thai massage. Thai massage works along the body's energy lines and involves acupressure points, your body will be rocked, stretched and compressed during this beautiful a treatment alongside experiencing reiki. Gently moving into a sound healing journey, as the body will be open: ready to receive the sound frequencies at a cellular level.

Please arrive in comfortable clothing. 

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Energy & Sound Healing

60 min ~90~

 Strongly guided by  intuition and a deep connection to Mother Earth, the Elementals and Spirit. This blended energy healing session incorporates beautiful vibrations of sound frequencies using crystal bowls, drums, voice and more. Energy & Sound healing permeate the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies, which allows for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Each person will experience something different, and it will always be exactly what is needed at the time.

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What our customers are saying

Jessica is a bright light in our world. She has this natural gift of being able to open me up and release all the heaviness that I was feeling. Since our session together, I've felt so much lighter, happier and free.

As a Reiki Master and trainer myself, I know natural talent when I see it (and feel it!)... and Jessica definitely has found her calling in life. She'll make a difference in your life in a profound way, like she has in mine.

-- Lindsay Rose