West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio

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Transformational Healings​ with Intuitive soul workers

Valerie & Loretta are honoured to be apart of your journey.

“Loretta is a gifted guide and healer. She has worked with me coaching, doing distance reiki and also healing sound baths, both group and one on one. Loretta is very intuitive and has helped me to go deep with my questioning and be very real. Her healing abilities and sound bath treatments are exceptional. I didn’t know what to expect, and have come away from each experience feeling very balanced and fresh! So grateful for having Loretta in my life. She continues to enrich me and my life.

~Jill J., Real Estate Agent/Broker

Valerie is always the right person to book self care time with. She has mastered her tuning, and can switch frequencies with ease. She’s not somebody who just knows how to live an amazing life, She practices the tools she knows and has built a life from them.

Her Esthetic techniques are on point, massaging techniques too, however everything she does as a treatment, is more than a treatment… It is always energy work. Valerie will not absorb your energy she will hold her self in perfect alignment and gently bring you into alignment as well. There is no way to leave Valerie without feeling stronger, calmer, and more radiantly beautiful!


Sound Journey

 60min ~100~

Sound has been used as a traditional healing tool for centuries. The power of sound is ancient and undeniable. Consider how listening to music can affect your mood and well-being. The type of sound and vibration created enhances meditative states and promotes deep relaxation. Deep relaxation is needed for the body to heal itself. It can help balance the nervous system and it affects the energy within and surrounding an individual. Sound healing uses instruments such as metal singing bowls, crystal bowls, rain sticks, drums, ocean drums, tuning forks, voice/singing etc to enhance the meditative healing state. Sound sessions can be great way to meditate and for people with busy minds, sound provides a focus for your attention while you meditate. It is bound to move your energy in mind, body and spirit. We offer both one-on-one and group meditative sound sessions. 

 Couples Meditative Sound Healing Experience

60min ~170~

Intimate sound healing with your special someone. Together  energetically side by side in a meditative state traveling in a sound journey.  Connecting on levels unseen to the eye. This extremely special experience, will be sure to blend your energetic bodies, on a deeper more meaningful level

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Holistic Blended Body Treatments

60 min ~90~

90 min ~135~

120 min ~180

This is your time to rest your soul during a blended massage Valerie will listen to the body and follow the direction she is intuitively connecting with.

We will start your treatment with a consultation where you can share any information you feel you would like to bring to her attention. Throughout your massage we will use different healing modalities, incorporating craniosacral, tuning forks, acupressure, crystals, body scanning, or somatic emotional release.

Truly she connects and listens to your body through her body’s senses on many levels.

The intention is to re-align the Mind/Body and Soul connections so there is flow again, throughout the body's numerous systems . Emotional and physical trauma, restrictive beliefs and emotions, from this and other Lifetimes can hinder your body. Physically causing pain in your joints, muscles and nervous system. As you become conscious of your ways of thinking and feeling, taking the time to tune into your body's needs. You will release what is no longer serving you. Thus releasing muscle pain, joint mobility issues, body trauma, suppressed emotions, stressed nervous systems and more.

You will leave with balance, pain reduction, and connection to your soul.  

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Sacred Healing Journey​

2hours ~350~

Enhance your vibrational state with a beautifully blended 2 hour experience where you will flow into your physical and spiritual human embodiment. Accompanied and supported by two intuitive soul workers. Loretta and Valerie will gently guide you into the realm of possibilities. Holding space for your mind, body and spiritual being.

Embracing a profound sound journey into your vibrational body. While you experience Crainosacral Therapy, physically and energetically. Together we will embrace multiple levels of your healing experience. Loretta will close the experience with a one on one coaching session to integrate your sacred healing journey so you can carry it forward into your day to day life. This experience is a launching pad that is bound to create internal shifts, personal empowerment and healing on an energetic, physical and emotional level.

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Children's Spiritual Development 

45min ~60~

Children's Spiritual development creates tools, and learning on a child's level. Supporting them in learning about the energetic body, transferring energy, reading other people's emotions, and taking care of their own energy. While discovering the beauty in being an Empath. Setting boundaries to take care of this gift they were born with, is essential.

We have many children among us, with an inner knowing and vision! Supporting their journey and providing them with space to ask questions, share their experiences, and feel safe. In an environment for them to be their true authentic selves.

It is a gift to be a part of their journey.

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Crainosacral Therapy 

60 min ~85~

90 min ~125~

Hands-on healing, labeled soul work, Craniosacral therapy addresses a rhythmic system at the core of our physiology it flows between our head and pelvic area. Most successful and fastest growing approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing. It is both a medical system with precise anatomical criteria & a therapeutic art!

Benefits include alleviating chronic pain, central nervous system disorders, head and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, energetic blockages, past life, hormonal imbalances, chronic sinusitis, suppressed emotions, and more.

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Life coaching 

 60min ~150~

You have already taken several steps to build a better life and create more fulfilling work for yourself. Maybe you have taken a leap of faith in the past to get to where you are today. You've demonstrated courage and commitment to live your best life but you and/or your business isn't where you want it to be. You're ready to truly thrive doing what you love: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Life coaching with a holistic bend to empower and support you along your personal growth journey.

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My life coaching experience with Loretta went way beyond my expectations. Loretta helped me find my inner compass, so that I could learn how to authentically create my life journey. I felt connected to Loretta’s interest in energy work and her strong sense of intuition. It was through our coaching sessions that I learned that the answers are always within and to trust my inner guidance. I will use the skills that Loretta taught me for years to come.” - Jenn R.
Valerie is a truly special and gifted individual. She is without a doubt a powerful energy healer. I absolutely loved my service with her and I plan to be back again and again. Thank-you for the work you do for the world. Thank-you helping me to reconnect. You’re amazing.